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Breakfast with the Bible

Breakfast with the Bible is a learning opportunity here at Chelmsford Cathedral – an invitation to do some seminar style Bible study for half an hour on a Sunday morning. Breakfast with the Bible takes place in the Chapter House, and a simple breakfast is available from 8.30am onwards. The Bible study begins at 8.40am and finishes by 9.15am. Therefore it is especially suitable for anyone attending either the 8.00am or the 9.30am services at the Cathedral. People from other churches and beyond are equally welcome to join Breakfast with the Bible.

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Lent 2019 The journey to Jerusalem

10th March The temptation of Jesus Luke 4:1-13, led by  Revd Kate Moore

17th March Opposition and questioning Luke 13:31-35, led by the Dean

24th March  Parable of the fig tree Luke 13:1-9, led by  Tim Leeson

31st March  A sign that will be rejected Luke 2:33-35, led by Nick Easton

7th April Jesus speaks of his burial John 12:1-8, led by Linda Brown

Palm Sunday The Liturgy of the Passion Luke 22:14 to 23:56, led by the Dean

Easter Day The Resurrection Luke 24:1-12, led by Paul Beasley-Murray



Easter to Pentecost 2019

28th April  Jesus came and stood among them  John 20:19-end, led by Tim Leeson

5th May  Jesus stood on the beach John 21:1-19, led by Revd Kate Moore

12th May  "Tell us if you are the Messiah" John 10:22-30, led by the Dean

19th May  "Love one another" John 13:31-35, led by Paul Beasley-Murray

26th May  Jesus speaks of the Advocate John 14:23-29, led by Paul Beasley-Murray

2nd June  Ascension Acts 1:1-11, led by Stephanie Brasier

Pentecost  Pentecost Acts 2:1-21, led by the Dean


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