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World Links Group

World Links Group

Here at Chelmsford Cathedral we sustain links with the world church through our mission partnerships, with particular links to Africa. These began when two members of our congregation were working in Swaziland, and the Dean of Chelmsford has strong links with the neighbouring Diocese of Zululand.


The Cathedral's Africa Group work particularly to support our links with the Anglican Church of Kenya. These links have developed over many years and are part of the links the Chelmsford Diocese has with the Dioceses of Embu, Mbeere, Marsabit, Kirinyaga and Meru. There are regular visits between Chelmsford and Kenya, and curate exchanges take place regularly.

Chelmsford Cathedral has a strong relationship with Embu Cathedral, which we partly helped to fund and which we continue to support in prayer and other practical ways. We are currently also seeking to support the new cathedral in Mbeere. These links are supported by a special collection taken at Cathedral services on the first Sunday of each month.

Update:  A letter received from Pattedy and Margaret Nyagah

We  bring  you  lots  of greetings  from  St. Paul's  Cathedral Embu  and  Neema HEEP. I believe  that  you  have  been well since  we last  communicated  in  August, and  that  everyone  at  Chelmsford  Cathedral  is  fine  too. Margaret and I and the Neema HEEP  fraternity  have also  been  well. The  students  are getting on  with their studies and the  Form 4 candidates Joy, Collins, Kennedy and Kevin  are  preparing to  start sitting  for  their  KCSE  in  two  weeks time. We look forward  to  receiving  the  other  students  back  for  holidays  in  the  next  three weeks.

Yesterday  was  our  day  for  mosquito  nets  distribution. We  had  arranged  with Rev Samuel  the  Rural Dean  of  St Marys  Deanery in Kiminda, a dry part of Embu County where mosquitoes are prevalent especially in the rainy season to call the community around his church for the mosquito distribution activity at his church compound  yesterday. Our team went for church service at the church, which is about 60 kilometres from Embu town. Seven of us visited the church which had a congregation of about three hundred people from the surrounding area. The vicar had even asked me to preach during the service which I gladly accepted.

We  had  carried with us 230 nets and some bread and soda. Usually we ask the people to come and share a snack with us because some might not even have had  something for lunch in their homes. We identified the most needy cases for the nets, starting with the expecting and nursing mothers. We then considered the aged who might not afford to buy a mosquito net, and the young children whose parents cannot afford buying nets too.

We were able to distribute all the mosquito nets at the end of the day, and just on time because the short rains are expected to start any time now!  We felt so grateful that unlike last year we have managed to distribute the nets before the rains start.

After the nets distribution we shared the bread and soda, and it was a happy day as we watched the entire congregation going back to their homes very grateful for the generous donation of nets from Chelmsford Cathedral.  Please pass our great appreciation to the World Links Group and to all who in one way or the other helped to raise funds for these nets. You have helped to protect the lives of many people in Kenya from the mosquito menace.

Thank you and very best wishes,

Pattedy and Margaret Nyagah,

Neema HEEP




The Cathedral also shares in the diocesan link with Karlstad in Sweden. We welcome the Bishop and other clergy from Karlstad regularly at the cathedral.

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