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Sabbatical essay available in Cathedral and on-line

Vice Dean Ivor Moody took a sabbatical earlier this year and much of his time was spent researching the question A contradiction in Terms?  Assessing the place and importance of the English Parish Church Cathedrals.

Ivor has already delivered a lecture about his research into parish church cathedrals for the Theological Society (which can be viewed by clicking on the link from the Theological Society page of this website) and has submitted a shortened version of the sabbatical essay to the journal Modern Believing which will be peer reviewed in the next couple of months.  A copy has also been sent to the Association of English Cathedrals and it is hoped that the work might make a contribution to the ongoing thinking about the nature of cathedrals and what they are for.  Copies of the report are now available in the Cathedral or you can download a copy by clicking here.



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