Chelmsford Cathedral
'Songs for the Soul' - Vice Dean's book launched

Canon Ivor Moody, Vice Dean of Chelmsford Cathedral launched his new book entitled 'Songs for the Soul' at the Cathedral in February.  For those people who have seen Ivor at work, he is often to be found working with headphones on; music is clearly part of his life.  

Ivor discusses his own interpretations of popular songs by the likes of The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Simon & Garfunkel.  Reflecting on Beatles legend Paul McCartney's 'Let It Be', Ivor says: "It's a song which illustrates the bittersweet paradox between distance and closeness.  Paul McCartney recognised immediately the religious connotations of the song.  The words of the song speak to a mother's watching presence, a comforter of the brokenhearted people in the world whose advice is to wait, to trust, and believe that everything will come right in the end." 

Signed copies of his book are available at the Cathedral Book stall.

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