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The weekly News Sheet provides full details of each Sunday’s services and about what is happening in the cathedral in the coming week, along with notices and information about other events. To include something in the News Sheet, email, telephone 01245 294492 or call into the office. Requests should be made by 10.00 am Wednesday of the week you wish for your notice to be included; we try to include as much of the information provided as possible. Click on the links below to download a recent News Sheet:

Sunday 21 May

Sunday 14 May

Sunday 7 May

Sunday 30 April

Sunday 23 April

Sunday 16 April

Sunday 9 April

Sunday 2 April

Sunday 26 March

Sunday 19 March

Sunday 12 March

Sunday 5 March

Sunday 26 February

Sunday 19 February

Sunday 12 February

Sunday 5 February

Sunday 29 January

Sunday 22 January  (please note the Ministry of Welcome Volunteers' Presentation on 28 January is now postponed)

Sunday 15 January

Sunday 8 January

Sunday 25 December and Sunday 1 January 2017

Sunday 18 December

Sunday 11 December

Sunday 4 December

Sunday 27 November

Sunday 20 November

Sunday 13 November

Sunday 6 November

Sunday 30 October

Sunday 23 October

Sunday 16 October

Sunday 9 October

Sunday 2 October

Sunday 25 September

Sunday 18 September

Sunday 11 September

Sunday 4 September

Sunday 28 August

Sunday 21 August

Sunday 14 August

Sunday 7 August



















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