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Chelmsford Cathedral is renowned for its beauty, warmth, colour, space and contemporary works of art and provides an excellent opportunity to explore at first hand a unique educational resource.

Our aim is to present the Cathedral to the children as a living, spiritual, colourful and welcoming place of worship and to create a sense of awe and wonder and enjoyment during their visit.

We offer:  

A variety of trails which link closely to the National Curriculum and other cross curricular topics that can be tailored to individual school requirements. 

A typical visit would take the children on a tour round the Cathedral to explore…

Activities may include:

Role play, using the senses, looking and searching, sketching, listening to stories of and about Jesus, creative practical activities, group discussion, reflection and music.

Become a pilgrim:

Explore the reasons for making a pilgrimage, children take on the role of a pilgrim, visit places of interest around the Cathedral while learning the lives of our patron saints.


These very popular days are held every year in March and November to consider the meaning of Christmas and Easter. These often include drama and costume. 

Dates for these are:

Advent and Christmas 2017

Mon/Tues           13th/14th November

Mon/ Tues          20th/21st November

Mon/Tues           27th/28th November

Holy Week and Easter   2018

Mon/Tues           12th/13th March

Mon/Tues           19th/20th March

Tues                   27th March


Learning Centre

Many of these activities take place in our well- equipped Learning Centre which also offers a venue for lunch and in good weather, a time for play in the garden.


Most visits take place between 10.00am and 2.00pm. Shorter one are just for the morning.

Advance Booking is important to avoid disappointment.   Invoices will be sent after the visit.

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Chelmsford Cathedral

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