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Breakfast with the Bible

Breakfast with the Bible is a learning opportunity here at Chelmsford Cathedral – an invitation to do some seminar style Bible study for half an hour on a Sunday morning. Breakfast with the Bible takes place in the Chapter House, and a simple breakfast is available from 8.30am onwards. The Bible study begins at 8.40am and finishes by 9.15am. Therefore it is especially suitable for anyone attending either the 8.00am or the 9.30am services at the Cathedral. People from other churches and beyond are equally welcome to join Breakfast with the Bible.

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Eating and Hunger

Thinking about hospitality and how God feeds us His people—in times of need and plenty. What role does eating play in Christian spirituality?


15th Sept        Abraham, Oaks of Mamre Genesis 18:1-15, Led by Rev Imogen Nay


22nd Sept        Elijah and the Widow 1 Kings 17:1-16, Led by Rev Kate Moore


29th Sept        Manna and Quail Exodus 16, Led by Nick Easton


6th Oct           Feeding of the 5,000 Luke 9:10-17, Led by Paul Beasley-Murray


13th Oct        The Last Supper Luke 22:7-23, Led by the Dean


20th Oct        The Road to Emmaus Luke 24:13-35, Led by Linda Brown-Easton


Half – term Break


Creation and Destruction


What does the Bible tell us about creation? How can we as Christians be better stewards of Creation?


3rd Nov            Creation of the World 1 Genesis 1:1-13, Led by Rev Imogen Nay


10th Nov           Creation of the World 2 Genesis 1: 14-31, Led by Nick Easton


17th Nov           The Sabbath Genesis 2:1-6, Led by Rev Imogen Nay


25th Nov           Creation 3 Genesis 2:7-25, Led by Rev Kate Moore


1st Dec              Destruction Genesis 6:1-7, Led by Rev Imogen Nay


8th Dec             Corruption and Redemption Genesis 6:7-22, Led by Linda Brown-Easton


15th Dec            Noah and his family Genesis Chapter 8: 1-22, Led by Paul Beasley-Murray


Christmas Break


Watch out for the new programme, or email Imogen to receive it by email.


In the New Year a Beginner’s Bible Study will be running concurrently with the established sessions

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