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Breakfast with the Bible

A chance to delve deeply into the Bible with others on a Sunday morning over breakfast. 

During Lockdown Breakfast with the Bible followed a special series - Stations of the Resurrection. All the content for that can be found below. 

From September 6th, Breakfast with the Bible will be meeting on Zoom from 8.45am to 9.30am. If you would like to join the sessions, please email Canon Imogen Nay on for the Zoom code each week.

Breakfast with the Bible is led by various members of the Cathedral congregation, lay and ordained. It includes time for discussion as well as some teaching input from the leaders.

The leaders have been asked to choose a Bible passage or story that helps them reflect on what has been happening over the past four months.

Our first leader will be the Rev'd Dr Paul Beasley-Murray and he will be looking at Ecclesiastes 3.1-15. The course notes are available below.  Click on the link highlighted blue.

All are very welcome - you do not need to be an expert in the Bible. It is a space to read Scripture together and grow in faith.

Sunday mornings from 6th September 8.45am-9.30am on Zoom. Bring your own breakfast!!


September 6th  -Revd Dr Paul Beasley-Murray - Ecclesiastes 3.1-15

September 13th - The Revd Kate Moore - study notes

September 20th - Canon Imogen Nay

September 27th - Dr Nick Brown 

October 4th - Gary Fleming

October 11th - Dr Linda Easton

October 18th - The Very Revd Nicholas Henshall



Stations of the Resurection.

The Bible readings for the whole series can be found by clicking on this link.

Sunday 12th April

First Station: The Earthquake - with Revd Dr Paul Beasley Murray

Sunday 19th April

Second Station: Mary Magdalene at the empty tomb - with Canon Imogen Nay

Sunday 26th April

Third Station: The disciples run to the empty tomb - with ordinand Gary Fleming

To access the music referred to in the reflection, please click here.

Sunday 3rd May

Fourth Station: The angel appears to the women - with the  Revd Jackie-Dee Thornton

Jackie has recorded a video clip 'Resurrection'.

Sunday 10th May

Fifth Station: Jesus meets the women - with Dr Nick Easton

Sunday 17th May 

Sixth Station: The road to Emmaus - with the Revd Kate Moore and to listen to Kate's faith reflection please click here.

Sunday 24th May

Seventh Station: Jesus appears to the disciples - with the Very Revd Nicholas Henshall 

There are both text notes and a personal reflection to accompany the Bible passage.

A video reflection from the Dean is available here.

Sunday 31st May

Eighth Station: Jesus promises the Spirit - with Dr Linda Brown

A video reflection from Linda is available here.

Sunday 7th June 

Ninth Station: Jesus commissions the disciples - with ordinand Gary Fleming 

Sunday 14th June

Tenth Station: Jesus breathes the Spirit in the upper room - with Dr Linda Brown.  There are additonal notes to accompany the study.  A video reflection which includes narration on the slides from Linda is available here.

Sunday 21st June

Eleventh Station: Jesus reveals himself to Thomas - with The Very Revd Nicholas Henshall

There is a personal response from the Dean and a  video reflection.

  Sunday 28th June

Twelfth Station: Jesus appears at the lakeside - with the Revd Kate Moore

There is a video to accompany the notes.  Please click here.

Sunday 5th July

Thirteenth Station: Jesus confronts Peter - with Dr Nick Easton

Sunday 12th July

Fourteenth Station: Jesus and the beloved disciple - with Canon Imogen Nay

Sunday 19th July

Fifteenth Station: Jesus appears to over five hundred at once - with Revd Dr Paul Beasley-Murray

Sunday 26th July

Sixteenth Station: Jesus commissions the disciples on the mountain - with Revd Jackie-Dee Thornton


Breakfast with the Bible will take a break over the Summer and a new series will begin in the Autumn - see above. 


Further Bible Study

The Law and the Covenant

Reflections from Dean Nicholas Henshall on the Law and Covenant.  Click here to discover more.  There are also some additonal notes to accompany.  An audio version is also available.


Growing in Faith 

Why not sign up to the weekly 'Growing in Faith'? It includes Sunday Bible readings, reflections on the Bible, faith, discipleship and much more. 


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