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Lent Services and Studies 2021

Our special services during Lent.

On Fridays in Lent, we welcome you to join us for a pre-recorded candleit service of compline, each Friday at 8.15pm.  These will go out on our Facebook page @chelmsfordcathedral.  Click here to download an Order of Service.  To watch the service on our YouTube channel, click here.

On Sunday the first of our services of Words and Music for Lent was livestreamed on the Cathedral's Facebook page.  To download an order of service click here.


An opportunity to explore faith this Lent.

During lockdown, we’ve all had more time to think.  Do you have questions about the Christian faith?  Why not use this time to take the next step.  Whether you are interested in society, the environment, prayer, or you simply want to explore the Bible a little more, there is something for you on-line this Lent.

The Seven Psalms – a Lent Journey of Lament and Hope.   Pre-recorded and premiered on our Facebook page every Sunday afternoon at 5pm.  (Available the following week on YouTube).

Psalm 6 & Psalm 32 (available from Monday 22nd February)


What is Christianity?

An easily accessible introduction to finding out about some of the key themes of Christianity with Canon Imogen Nay Thursday 4th, 11th and 18th March 8-9.00pm.  The three sessions will look at Who is Jesus?, What is the Church? and What difference does it make? 

Contact Imogen for more information


The Seven Psalms – a Lent Journey of Lament and Hope.   Pre-recorded and premiered on our Facebook page every Sunday afternoon at 5pm.  (Available the following week on YouTube).

led by Nicholas Henshall, Dean of Chelmsford

A booklet to accompany the series can be downloaded or viewed here.

The Psalms are an extraordinary treasure store of poetry and song which give voice to very human emotion. The Psalms give us words to praise God and express our deepest thanksgivings and desires. They also give us words to express human tragedy, to sound the darkest realities of our human experience. The Psalms give us permission to dance and sing in the Lord’s presence and to bring our most heart-breaking lament before the Lord.

The “Seven Psalms” have had a long association with the season of Lent. They bring together a diverse group of Psalms (6, 32, 38, 51, 102, 130, and 143) all of which are in different ways reflecting on the transformative role of lament in the life of faith. These psalms have a particular power to speak into our present context. They invite us to journey into the depths of the human experience and of the God we meet there – the God we know in Jesus Christ reaching out arms of mercy and assuring us of his love.

Each session will take either a single psalm from the seven, or two psalms together. We will read through them with some detailed commentary so we grow familiar with their structure and content. And then we ask ourselves what God is inviting us to notice in these timeless texts; where God is drawing our attention.

Everyone is warmly welcome, and no prior knowledge of the Psalms is necessary.



Living under the Rainbow: A six-week Wednesday evening (7.30-8.30 pm) Starts 17th February.

What will life post-covid look like?  Recognising that ‘the future is not what it used to be’. Bible-based and thought-provoking, we ask, What sort of church is God calling us to be?’ and ‘What sort of society does God want us to live in?’ Led by Hugh Dibbens together with Paul Beasley-Murray. For more information – email


Caring for Creation: A five-week Thursday evening course. Starts 18th February.

Written by Brian Davis (a York Course

The human race is facing its greatest environmental challenge: global warming and climate change. Our own treatment of God’s wonderful creation and the damage we have done means we all need to make radical changes to our lives and look at our own impact on the environment.

Understandably, this can make us quite pessimistic about the future. That’s where faith in God makes a difference. Hope for the future is not the same as being optimistic.  A hope based on faith in God enables us to open our eyes to what is happening to our planet today, and still believe there is much that we can do, individually and together, with God to guide and strengthen us.

Led by Sue Hawkings 01277 214612 contact Sue for more details.  


Living in Love and Faith. A five-week, Wednesday evening course. Starts 17th February.

 A course looking at relationships, sex and identity in the context of faithful Christian living.

All around us we see changing understandings of human identity, changing patterns in relationships and families, changing sexual attitudes and activity. What does it mean for followers of Jesus to walk in love, faith and holiness today? In this course we will look at learning well together, our identity, relationships, sex and love.

This course will be led by Canon Imogen Nay and Gary Fleming. The course is framed by the pastoral principles of addressing ignorance, acknowledging prejudice, admitting hypocrisy, casting out fear, speaking into silence and paying attention to power.

For more information contact

All the above courses are being run on zoom.


Retreats and Quiet Days at Pleshey in Lent


What is Prayer?

A Quiet Day for Lent on Zoom (Pleshey programme)

18 February and 18 March (the same content each time), 10 am – 3.15 pm

This is a day for anyone on any stage of the spiritual journey seeking to go deeper with God, exploring patterns, traditions, complementary approaches from the Bible, the great voices of the Christian tradition, and insights from poetry and contemporary reflection.

There will be a series of addresses through the day exploring the question “what is prayer?” We will be looking at a range of models and understandings, alongside some practical examples including how to develop a pattern of prayer; the use of silence in prayer; the role of the Bible in prayer; patterns, rhythms and good habits; and the challenges of prayer, such as distraction and times when everything seems to feel like being lost in the wilderness.

The day will be framed by simple acts of worship together, periods of silence for reflection, and times when we can reflect together.

The day will be led by Nicholas Henshall. Nicholas is Dean of Chelmsford and has previously served for 14 years in inner city Newcastle, 6 years at Derby Cathedral, and 6 years in Harrogate. He has led retreats and quiet days in the UK and in South Africa and has a passionate desire to enable people to deepen their journey with God.


Greening the Soul

A Lent Series on Hildegard Bingen

Lent is often described as the ‘springtime of the soul’, a time for growing in our relationship with God. Hildegard called this ‘the greening of the soul’.

Hildegard lived in the region of the Rhine in 12th Century. She was a Benedictine Abbess, a writer and composer, a mystic and a philosopher. These three weekly oasis afternoons (from 2 pm - 4 pm via Zoom) offer an opportunity to ponder how God invites us to grow in faith and hope and love. When our souls are ‘greened’ then others will grow too, and our world transformed! We will draw on the Scriptures and on Hildegard and other Christian Spiritual writers both from the past and from our contemporary context as we reflect and pray. There will be an opportunity, for those who wish, to have a conversation with one of the team of spiritual directors.

Dates: Wednesday 24th February, Wednesday 3rd March and Wednesday 10th March

Cost: £10 per person per session

Session Leaders: Brenda Wallace, Susan Sayers and Imogen Nay

More details soon. To book: Email

Telephone: 01245 237251

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