Chelmsford Cathedral
Libraries and Archive

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, all libraries are currently closed.


Cathedral Archives

Most of the historical archive material is held by Essex Record Office as the Cathedral does not have the resources to maintain the collection or grant access to the general public. However a considerable amount of the more modern material is retained by the Cathedral. The archives are a resource for the Cathedral, providing a record of the Cathedral's activities over a number of years which can inform present and future activities, record the legal framework behind decisions of Cathedral authorities and provide information on the buildings and artefacts. It is therefore important to the internal workings of the Cathedral that these records are properly preserved and easily accessible. These records also hold material relating to people living and working in Essex over a number of years, who may or may not have been members of the Church community. We always try and deal with requests as quickly as possible and provide a second option for getting the information if we cannot help. If you have a question or query relating to the Cathedral Archive please contact the Cathedral Archivist, David Waugh, by email:

The South Porch Library

The South Porch Library is the Cathedral’s historic library. It houses the Knightbridge Collection of mainly sixteenth and seventeenth century Protestant writings bequeathed to the Parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin, now Chelmsford Cathedral, by John Knightbridge. It is the Cathedral's duty to maintain and preserve this collection of books and make books from the collection available to scholars. There is also a collection of material relating to Essex, the Diocese of Chelmsford and the diocesan arrangements preceding the formation of the Diocese. Parishes within the diocese ought to send a copy of books and articles written about them to the Cathedral so that the local history library can be as comprehensive as possible. For more information please contact the South Porch Librarian, Linda Brown Easton, by email:

Courtyard Library

The Courtyard Library in the Cathedral Centre has contemporary books and periodicals for borrowing and reference in fields which include Biblical studies, theology, liturgy and spirituality. The libraries are for students and those for who have an interest or want to continue learnings in these areas. The library is open from 10.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Thursday and 10am to 2pm on Fridays. If you have any questions regarding the Courtyard Library please contact David Waugh via the Cathedral office.

Gallery Gallery

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