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FRIDAY, 27 November 2020

O Lord, open our lips

and our mouth shall proclaim your praise!

Let heaven and earth be glad, the sea and sea creatures roar,

the field and its beasts exult.

Then let the trees of the forest sing before the coming of the Lord,

who comes to judge the nations, to set the earth aright, restoring the world to order.

Words from Psalm 96

As you enter into prayer today, take a moment to be still. Come into God's presence with a deepfelt desire to meet with God now. Know that God is the God who sees you and that God is looking at you now with great love. Pause for a moment and be still.


Heaven and earth, O Lord, are full of your glory
and all creation resounds with your praise.
As your Son has appeared in the likeness of our flesh
so may all creation share in the beauty of holiness;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Jesus says to us today: “you know how to read the signs of nature - a fig tree budding or leaves falling. But make sure you are reading the signs of the times." Whatever else is going on for us today, Covid-19 continues to be a massive wake up call. We are being invited to see what is happening and to respond, recognising that the future is going to be different in ways that we cannot yet describe. Like the imagery Jesus uses in Luke 21, this can feel frightening and disorienting. Indeed, it is. But there is also a sense of freedom here: if we have the courage to pay attention and read the signs of the times, what kind of fresh vision of the future do we see? How do we expect the present to reshape the possibilities of the future? What are we learning that will have an impact on the future choices we make as individuals and communities?

Luke 21.29-33

Then he told them a parable: ‘Look at the fig tree and all the trees; as soon as they sprout leaves you can see for yourselves and know that summer is already near. So also, when you see these things taking place, you know that the kingdom of God is near. Truly I tell you, this generation will not pass away until all things have taken place. Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.

Spend some time reflecting on the reading, mulling it over. 

Ask God what God wants you to hear today. 

Offer your personal prayers and thanksgivings and offer the day to God in a spirit of gratitude and thanksgiving.

End this time of prayer by saying the Lord’s Prayer.


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We are encouraged to pray together at 6pm during a second lockdown.  Here are some prayers from the Church of England to help you.  This prayer is for use 23rd - 29th November.

Lord Jesus Christ,
in these dark and difficult days, we turn our hearts to you.
In ages past, you have delivered our nation from disaster.
Do it again, we pray.
Give wisdom beyond human wisdom to our leaders,
Give strength beyond human strength to the NHS and all our frontline workers.
Give comfort beyond human comfort to the elderly and all who grieve.
Lord Jesus Christ,
in these dark and difficult days,
turn your face towards us,
have mercy upon us,
and heal our land, we pray.


Sunday: Family, friends and loved ones

We lift to God those we hold in our hearts – praying for their health, their well-being and their sense of hope.

We pray that even when loved ones cannot physically be together they would not feel apart.

We ask for God’s help in our communicating, our connecting and our caring.


Monday: Schools and colleges, children and young people

We pray for all those involved in the shaping of young lives.

We give God thanks for the sacrifice and commitment of teachers and all those involved in serving children and young people in education.

We pray that all might be nurtured and cared for and that every needful resource would be made available – that all lives can flourish even in these difficult times and that no-one would be overlooked.


Tuesday: Elderly, isolated and vulnerable

We echo God’s commitment to those most at risk of this virus by praying today for those who are particularly vulnerable and isolated: praying for their deliverance, protection and comfort.

We hold before God those who care for them – that they would be strengthened and encouraged in this work.


Wednesday: Businesses, the workplace and economic wellbeing

In this time of great challenge,

we pray for the economic wellbeing of the country.

We remember before God those who face great uncertainty in their work.

We lift before God those who have lost their jobs and face an uncertain and difficult future.

We pray for a renewed commitment to our common life together.


Thursday: The NHS and other key workers

Our God is the great healer – and the agent used more than any other is the NHS.

Today we voice our gratitude for those who serve this country in the National Health Service and pray for that God would prosper the work of their hands – that they would all be encouraged in their continued work of sacrifice and care amongst us.


Friday: National and Local government

We pray for those who are in positions of authority with responsibility for decision making at national and local level at this difficult time.

We ask that God would give great wisdom, deep commitment to all and right judgment.


Saturday: All who are grieving, and all suffering with physical and mental ill-health

‘Lord the one you love is ill….’

John 11 v 3

We bring to God all those who suffer in body, mind, spirit or with grief.

We ask that in God’s great loving kindness they might know God’s sustaining presence amidst their pain.

We pray for those who are stretched beyond their own capacity to cope and remain hopeful – that in the roar of these waterfalls God would bring a sense of coherence, comfort and strength.



Lighting a candle can be a helpful way to pray.  You can now do this on line.  Click here to light a virtual candle.




Alongside a daily prayer and reflection, there will be a few sugestions on how we can sustain prayer whilst we are praying on our own.  We are not praying alone!  Click on the links below which will take you to a pdf.  There is also an audio clip if you prefer visuals.


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How to use the Cross as a compass. Audio available here.

What is prayer? A four part audio.

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Praying the Lord's Prayer for children is on the Junior Church page of the website.

Pray as you Go is a website with daily prayers, music, a reading and reflection.  Please click here to spend some time in prayer knowing others around the UK are joining with you.

During this time it is important that we all look after our mental health.  There are suggestions and advice available by clicking here.

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