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Theological Society 2019

Tim Leeson writes:  Over many years the Chelmsford Cathedral Theological Society has organised lectures, aimed at stimulating thinking about matters of faith and life.

This year, we’re happy to be hosting a series of speakers who will share stories from interesting and important frontiers: places where the established church faces challenges, opportunities, and the call to change.

At the ministry summer school in June, guests will be invited to think about how they tell their own frontier stories through the craft of preaching.

I hope that you will find this year’s programme engaging thought-provoking, and I will look forward to meeting many of you over the year. 

Tim Leeson 


Wednesday 16th January at 8.00pm

Chelmsford Cathedral Chapter House

Re-imagining hope on the margins - Wounded Resurrection

Peter Dominey

Peter is a pioneering Baptist minister, who leads Church from Scratch, in Southend, and a gifted philosopher. He will challenge your ideas of what religion looks like, and you’ll leave with more questions than answers (in a good way)! Cost: £3.50 (payable on the day)


Wednesday 20th February at 8.00pm

Chelmsford Cathedral Chapter House

What Kind of God, and So What?

Andy Drake

Andy is the CEO of YMCA Essex and a Baptist minister. He is a deeply reflective person, who will get you thinking about what faith has to say to a secular context with humour, humility and integrity.  Cost: £3.50 (payable on the day)


Wednesday 15th May at 8.00pm

Chelmsford Cathedral Chapter House

Investigating what children understand as prayer: A Godly Play approach

Jane Southward

Jane is a doctoral student, exploring children’s spirituality, as well as a teacher at the Cathedral School. Her interest in spirituality is not purely academic: she is herself a natural contemplative, and her research is girded by a depth of prayer. Cost: £3.50 (payable on the day)


Wednesday 17th July at 8.00pm

Chelmsford Cathedral Chapter House

Moving into the Neighbourhood

Hannah Bucke

Hannah is a Methodist minister, amusement park chaplain, and army chaplain. Her experience of “doing church” outside of church buildings will challenge the ways in which we have become too comfortable. Cost: £3.50 (payable on the day)


Wednesday 18th September at 8.00pm

Chelmsford Cathedral Chapter House

Out Of Control; #metoo #churchtoo #ustoo

Natalie Collins

Natalie is a gender justice specialist, and founder of Spark, which seeks to prevent and respond to violence against women. She will make you think, and you might find yourself surprised at the ways in which gender issues involve us all. Cost: £3.50 (payable on the day)


Thursday 17th October, 10.00am to 1.00pm

Leigh Road Baptist Church, Leigh-on-Sea

The Alien in Our Midst: A Theology of Hospitality

Led by Steve Tinning

Steve is Associate Minister at Leigh Road Baptist Church, is involved with Citizens UK, and has stories to share about welcoming refugees. He’s a passionate guy, who deeply wants the church to be better at welcoming the other. He’ll make you feel right at home, while gently challenging you.

Please register for this Study Morning on the ‘book events’ page of the Cathedral website.

Cost: £5 (payable on the day)

The Theological Society is currently under review, please email Canon Imogen with any feedback or ideas.




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